Monday, November 23, 2009

Sometimes "CUZZINS" Make the Best Friends

My mom's family spells  cousins as "cuzzins". It's been a tradition as long as I can remember. I remember being in a Spelling Bee in elementary school and being so embarassed because I got the word "cousin" and of course spelled it "cuzzins". That's  just the way you spell it my family or so I thought. I, of course, learned quickly it was a tradition, a term of endearment.
I have such wonderful memories of my "cuzzins" and am still very close to many of them. Actually half of them live within walking distance. I am grateful that my kids are such good friends with there "cuzzins" and the tradition continues. They really are best friends.

Erica, James and Noah with cuzzin Lizzie Dukes.

Noah with cuzzins Josh and Kate Fredley in Virginia.

4th of July with cuzzins at Gran's.

Me and cuzzin Jenny.

Lily and her cuzzins Jane and Rose Pugsley.

Lily and cuzzin Hazel.

Ostergar cuzzins!

Lily and cuzzin Greta O'Brien.

This is my fridge, mostly pictures of cuzzins far and near and dear.

I could post a million pictures of "CUZZINS"!
Sleepovers, campouts, canyon parties, reunions, weddings, funerals, sunday dinners, missionary farwells, baptisms, hikes, beach play, golf trips, game nights, movie nights, bookclubs, that is what cuzzins are for.
I am grateful for so many cuzzins. May you all be well, happy and safe. And Congratulations to my cuzzin Laura Hansen who gets married in 2 days. As Aunt Max would say, "Yahoo!!!"


nano*ink said...

Can't wait for more "cuzzin" time on Thursday. Life is good. Did the tooth fairy ever show up?

JenniferCR said...

Aww, love the story about the spelling bee! Too cute! I love my cousins/cuzzins too! ;)