Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Spirit World

Brett and Doug.
 This is one reason why I like the idea of the spirit world.
I have so many friends and family members that live there.
When my time is up I won't be scared to go there because it will be such a joyeous reunion.
There will be laughter and a few tears, but mostly work to be done together, so that we can be together forever.
Hopefully I have some time left on earth to make sure my family is taken care of.
Besides  my family and friends, I think I want to meet the Prophet Joseph and his lovely wife Emma first. Also want to meet Abigail Adams, George Washington, Louisa May Alcott, Princess Diana, and so many more...
I can't wait to have so many friends waiting for me.
until then, I have gaurdian angels flooding my world and lots of amazing spirits still amoung me on this earth that take care of me!
Can't wait to see Grandpa Hansen and Grandma and Grandpa Gygi too.  There will be Bishop Bill Hansen, Scott Falck, Aunt Max, My cousin Matthew that died way too early.. Many Many more people come to mind.
So glad this great gospel of mine in true and that we have help from the dead and alive. I am so blessed.

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