Monday, December 28, 2009

Fun Talent Show

The last Sunday of every year, in our ward, is set aside for training the primary teachers on the new curriculum for the coming year. The primary chorister is put in charge of a talent show to be put on by the primary children for each other. This year I was called into help (crowd control mostly).  We spread blankets all over the floors and the children were anxious to perform.

We had an amazing plethora of talent.
Awesome Lego creations, artists, beautiful pianists (Sam Parker wins #1 pianist. If you read this don't tell anyone else 'cause they all did great.  I just happen to know Sam's mom really well and  I know the time, sweat and tears that go into piano practicing at the house, and the sacrifice shows.) There were back handsprings that were of Olympic proportions. And the coolest alien collection I had ever seen. Some did beautiful sewing projects. There was a trumpet solo and also a flute solo.

My little Lily LuLu showed off her tie-dye talents. And played 10 notes (did you hear me?) 10 notes of As I Have Loved You.

Noah, my eldest son in primary (3 more months from today), is the tallest one in the back looking oh so interested. It's too bad, because he could light up a whole room with his dramatics, signing and artwork. He looked cute so I showed him off as my talent in my heart to myself.

Our brave chorister and pianist did a very go job at "winging it."
Although I know they diligently prepared, sometimes all the planning goes out the window with a crowd full of anxious performers.
They did some fun sing alongs with things like the boys against the girls.

Thank you to all of the kids that were willing to share there talents.  Of this I am sure, there are some budding stars among them. And just being willing to perform is a win in my playbook!

Happy chorister all dresses up in pearls. And she had to give a talk in sacrament meeting on the heels of this talent extravaganza. Of course she did superb. Nothing Katie does is half-hearted.

And here is one more shout out to one of the best talents I possess- making cute kids:

Also, 3 cheers to Porter Graham for his creative and very good skill ability to throw a football.  Way to go Porter and good catch Luke!

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Katie said...

I'm so happy you captured all of this. What a blast. I was full of nerves that day-because I thought we'd have a mutiny on our hands and didn't know what to expect! but, thanks to your help and all the other great and talented grown ups there the kids had a really good time. Didn't Cheryl do a great job at the piano? couldn't live without her really! Thanks for all you did in helping kids have fun-and Kelly, you have too many kind words for me. You need to come in my door unannounced just so you can see how things REALLY are at the Graham's house!