Thursday, December 3, 2009

Party Crashers

So last year, James met some pretty important Washington elite.

They were very nice to pose with him.

All very warm and friendly, although a little stiff.

Actually we just crashed the airport gift shop. We didn't even have to show our I.D.

He did actually meet some famous people that were not so stiff and that we were actually invited to be with:

He met with our very own congressman, in his DC office.
Congressman Jim Matheson has always been kind and gracious to us when we have crashed his office in the Rayburn building. And we didn't really crash, we were on the list and they let us in and even took us on an awesome tour of the Capital Building.

James also met one of his favorite authors Brandon Mull.
And he  definately invited us to his party. He was a gracious host and spent time with all of his guests.

He was also invited to attend a program for kids at Olympus Jr. High to receive an award for outstanding student in one of his classes.  And that invitation even came in the mail. I have proof.

He even got in to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform.

So here's my advice: If you didn't get invited, why would you want to go and humiliate yourself.
If you are a good person and take the right steps, there are opportunities all over the place. If you are nice, people will invite you to things and give you real invitations and put your name on the list!!
Be that kind of person. The person that everyone WANTS to have at there party or get together.


JenniferCR said...

So true! Love the pictures!

Melanie J said...

What very good advice, Mama Kelly.

nano*ink said...

He is adorable - but he probably would rather hear handsome...which works too.