Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Am Feeling in LOVE Today

Sonnet One

I touch thy hand and shrink with doubt of thy
Return.  The prickle in my neck tells me
To meet the hand halfway again. Ah, me!
Thy touch! Like wings upon the heat I fly.
I touch again and wonder, "How lived I
Before this truth, before this reveille?"
Beloved, I, upon a doldrum sea,
Lay sleeping 'til thy hand crept into mine.
Touch hands again that I may wake and feel
The southern wind embrace.  It lifts my wings
and gives me space to view the stars.  Conceal
My doubt-touch me, touch me, touch me-then bring
Me in thine arms a spell to rest, to heal,
To dream of thy touch anticipating.

My husband is a poet...Lucky me.


John said...

You are lucky he is a poet. But what is even more lucky is he has you Kelly. Love ya, dweller on East Farm!

Allen III said...

I echo John's sentiments. Dave is inspired for a reason!

nano*ink said...

I have one of his poems that I read often. He is a good poet...cute too.