Monday, January 11, 2010

"Laugh til I cry" Friends

Have you ever laughed so darn hard that you cried? (Maybe even just peed your pants a tiny bit)?

There are only a handful, well maybe two handfuls, of people in this world that can make my laugh so hard that tears stream down my cheeks.

It is usually an unusual situation, not funny to anyone else but they that are there in the moment or share a background with an inside joke or something like that. More often than not, it is a sister or a longtime friend.

It happened today. Like I said, it probably would not even be funny to someone that didn't understand the essence of the whole situation. I called a few people to share in my amusement. I could only reach two at the time it was happening and time was of the essence today.

I know if you are reading this you will wonder and want to know what I am talking about. Doesn't even matter anymore, but it was really funny at the time. And came at just the right moment.

To those of you who read this and are one of my "laugh til I cry" friends you know exactly who you are and exactly what we have laughed about.

Jeanette, remember the sunflowers?
Michelle, remember late night invitation delivery?
Sisters, remember all the inside family jokes or funny situations? Remember SteveP. and Mom playing hide and seek and Jane dropping things off the loft and hitting Dad in the head over and over, I mean why didn't he just move out of the way?
Mom, remember wrapping Christmas presents that one year?
Dave, remember today?
Katherine, remember the sugar cookies?
Liz, remember our flatmates that forgot to set there alarm for finals?
Gayle and Joey, remember the Halloween masks?

Thanks for all the laugh til you cry friends and situations that make life a little more pleasant.

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nano*ink said...

Happened to my Mom when Allen came up to meet my family. We were playing a party game and she just lost was great.
It happened with grandpa and his shoes too...He and Martha especially got it going.