Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Resolutions (well sorta)

Go Here!

Do more of this!

Go here again!

Kiss him a little more!

Go here!

And here!

Hug them more!

Be a better one!

plant some  of these!

Go here as many times as possible!

read more of these!

Hold more babies, eat more cheerios than cinnamon bears,
lower my voice, try my hand at peacemaking, love my neighbors.
start some new projects, finish old ones first.

So Whatcha gonna do this year?


nano*ink said...

my friend in AZ says that he checks his resolutions at the end of the year to see what he has done and those were his guilt.
I am going to try and follow the promptings I get more quickly and regularly - for little things

Allen III said...

Make a larger Garden that actually produces something.