Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It is Not The "U", but at Least it's Utah


This is my niece Jane Ostergar.
She lives in sunny CA.
She is coming to Utah.
Jane got accepted to BYU.
I adore her.
I am so excited that she will now only be 45 minutes away, instead of 12 hours.
Jane has spunk.
She is smart and beautiful and fun fun fun.
I am sure she will be a hit on campus and the talk of the town.
I am so happy for her.

Congratulations Jane.
Can't wait until fall.

And she looks so good in


Allen III said...

red is her favorite color on the outside but she seems to be pretty blue on the inside.

Gwen said...

I have seen her in blue and that is also a VERY fine color on cute Jane.