Monday, May 17, 2010

Don't Feel Sorry For the Boy

Melissa, Krissy, Brad, Kelly

Brad, Melissa, Krissy 2010

Brad is my only brother.

Brad survived his childhood surrounded by endless amounts of estrogen.  And I dare say, his dear wife, Gentry, was the beneficiary of his long suffering and patience with us girls.

I have observed Brad take on many roles in his life.  Roles like:  son, brother, friend, student, missionary, athlete, husband, father, business owner and architect.

Brad is really good at whatever role he is playing.  He is a genius, and I don't mean really really smart, I mean off the charts, photographic memory smart. He is always learning and growing in knowledge and truth.

Brad is a seeker of truth.  He can always back up what he believes with truth and knowledge.  He shares his knowledge.  But at the same time, he doesn't force it on anyone.  He reads and studies all sorts of subjects.  He has a passion for reading.  When he is not fulfilling his other roles, he can often times be found reading.  He reads late into the night on a regular basis.

Brad is good at helping others.  He is the go to man when you are painting, moving, working on your computer, need a fast trivia answer, or need an extra to make up your fore-some on the links.  He is definitely on my call a friend list if I ever go on that Millionaire show. 

Brad is fun to hang out with.  He has a  great laugh and sense of humor.

Brad in the SLC Marathon, April 2010.  He ran right by our street.

Brad is passionate, kind, fun, smart, dedicated, artistic, creative, capable!!

I love to watch Brad in his role of dad.  His kids are adorable and very endearing.   I love them to pieces. But, alas, they are not perfect.  It is nice to see a little opposition in his life.

He choose a pretty amazing woman to be his eternal companion.  I love Gentry and consider her to be a bonus sister that I inherited along the way.

Funny story about Brad.  When Brad got married, the photographer, took a pictures of him and all us sisters.  He had this picture on his desk at his work station, at the U, when he was in architectural school.
Someone asked him if that was a picture of all his wives (because he was Mormon).

Brad is a very hard worker.  But at the same time, has been very blessed.  So, don't feel sorry for the boy, there could be a lot worse fates, than growing up with 5 sisters.


nano*ink said...

He's a lucky boy!

Pugsley said...

Hey, what about writing blogs about your brother in-laws???