Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Few Signs That Summer Is Upon Us

Local shaved ice stand open for business.

June calendar ready to go.

Elementary marquee

9th grade graduation party for Erica tonight @ Oly Jr.

Things I dislike about summer:  Keeping everyone fed, entertained, civil and healthy, the HEAT, being a chauffeur,  and  no air-conditioning.

Things I love about summer:  The 4th of July, fireworks, invitations to the neighborhood pool's, hanging out with friends at the pool, watermelon, out of town guests, cousins, BBQ's, corn on the cob, Wimbledon, ice water, remembering the pioneers, water fights, Gayle playing in her dirt all day, Farmer Markets, and sleeping in.


Mary said...

I can relate to your comment about Gayle playing in the dirt. She picks the weeds outside our stake center. You gotta love her, though!

Emily said...

I sure love summer! I'll be hitting up that snow cone shack for sure!
Thanks for the comment on my photo blog!!! :)

Allen III said...

Summer doesn't start for us for a few more weeks. i wish I got summer off of work though...