Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This is Where my SOUL longs to be in the Fall

As soon as Fall comes around, it takes every fiber of my being, not to throw caution to the wind, and get on a plane bound for Dulles airport.  I long to drive up the Parkway and end up walking into this house. This is my safe place. For whatever reason, I need to be here in the Fall. And usually I get to be.
It is not the house really, it my sister and her family. Like many others, I walk into this house and a sudden calm, simplicity, and comfort overcome me.
My sister is all of these things. She is the mom, sister, friend, wife, neighbor and all around person everyone should strive to be.   This year though, for many reasons, I will not be boarding that plane.  It is a season for me to organize, save and take care of people that need me here, just like Melly is always doing in VA. I need the time to practice being like Melly.
I will miss the Lego and candy stores at the Mall, Buying Kate a new outfit at H&M, watching Josh play Little League football, and Sammy laughing. I will miss Steve coming home and hanging out with me, discussing the politics of the day or the case he is working on. Mostly I will just miss sleeping on Melly's matress in the family room and watching the kids board the bus in the mornings for school. She takes care of me when I need her most.
So until I get on that next plane, take care my sweet family. Eat lots of good treats from Trader Joes and Pepsi with gaucomole and chips on sunday afternoons for me.
And if I am blessed, the cherry blossoms will be there to greet me in the spring.

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