Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Siblings Beware

We have had the dreaded H1N1 at our house for almost a month now. Exhausted kids (and mother). Patient dad and husband. I am glad to say we are swine free these days. School makeup work has almost been completed and energy has started to return just in time for Fall festivites.
Erica was hit the hardest, as pneumonia was a complication of her case. James just slept and slept whenever and where ever he plopped himself down. Noah only missed 1 day of school. Hopefully Lily built up a few antibodies so she will not be hit by it, or at least not as hard.
Anyway, when you are sick and unaware, siblings beware.
May the rest of the Fall and Winter be relatively germ free for our family and yours.


Jenny and Josh said...

this is so hilarious! I bet James wants to get his siblings back! So glad they love each other so much that they can play tricks on each other !

Katie said...

sorry, that is not Jenny and Josh commenting, that is Katie Graham, and my sister apparently helped herself to my computer when she was babysitting last night!

JenniferCR said...

Too funny! I'm sure he didn't appreciate the pictures of his siblings antics so much, huh? I also had H1N1, no fun...glad to hear that everyone recovered in time for Halloween though!