Sunday, November 1, 2009


This is how much Little Rose and I care about Halloween.
I am not a fan and would rather stay in my jammies all night long.
The only decorations I put up are some of Jeni's goards (I buy a new pumpkin each year).

You can visit Jeni's site
This year however, I did enjoy soup at the Grahams with my favorite neighbors, James' soccer game and a win by the Utes.
Here are a few pictures of the school parade and my cute little witch Lily. Her costume was created by clever and crafty Aunties. Thanks Gentry and Krissy.

The ginormous pumkin came from Nana's garden.

Noah was a pillow, complete with a tag that read "do not remove by penalty of law".
I am glad Halloween has come and gone this year.
I will probably start playing Christmas music next week.


nano*ink said...

Smart kids...Peter was a blade of grass. I want to see the photo.
Mark's kids have swine flu and missed halloween entirely.

JenniferCR said...

Adorable pumpkins and adorable witch! Love it!