Friday, February 12, 2010

Chin Up?

Last week I was invited to a Botox party.  I was sorta taken back. Not offended, or surprised, just never thought of it really.  I mean, I have lots of friends that do it and I am totally fine with it, just don't think I want needles in my face.
I have had extensive plastic surgery for physical  reasons and pain management.  After several c sections and abdominal surgeries. I could not manage pain from the scar tissue or repair my stomach muscles by myself.  I actually have a permanent piece of mesh  (8" x10") sown into my abdomen just to hold my stomach muscles together. It took them about 9 hours, just to put me back together again. There are times, that I still feel like I am in recovery mode and it was over 4 years ago.  I can't imagine choosing to go through any type of procedure, like I did, by choice.  Only as a means to a more comfortable life.
Now I know Botox is not so invasive, I just don't feel the need.  Again, I do believe it is fine for anyone to choose plastic surgery and it doesn't bother me that others do it. I just think it is not for me.
I have MANY imperfections, to be sure. But for now I have decided to focus my energy and time on my mental and spiritual imperfections.  I try not to neglect trying to be healthy-I have a long ways to go. But for, right now, I need peace and peace of mind.  And needles in my face does not sound peaceful.
Maybe someday, probably not. 
One of the loveliest, beautiful women I have ever spend time with, Sister Holland (Elder Holland's mother), has more wrinkles than you can imagine and the best looking nylon knee socks I have ever seen. Her boisterous laugh was music to my ears. Her dress, of polyester was divine.  She was a perfect lady in my opinion. I would say she was gorgeous.
I like to think that I have earned every single wrinkle, scar and gray hair on by body. I worked hard for them! I think I will keep them for now.
I still might go the party just to hang out with fun friends and cool people.
But for now, if you see me smiling all the time, be happy for me that I am happy and not because I have been injected with a botulism based compound.
Love to ALL- plastic surgery or not!!


Melanie J said...

Kenny's client for the last three years has been Allergan who makes Botox. And so while I salute your friends for keeping us working, I have to say, I wouldn't do it, either. And you definitely don't need it!

Allen III said...

Cathy totally agrees with you! (So do I.)