Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cottonwood Cares Day

All my kids have attended or are currently attending Cottonwood Elementary School.
One day every year is set aside as "Cottonwood Cares Day".
Today was the day.
Usually every grade does their own specific  service project determined by teachers and parents.
Check out this YouTube video from last year. Lily is in it and so are my beads.

This year it was a little different.  Our school has community ties to an organization that helps families in Haiti.  The children were given information, about the organization and current situation in Haiti, through an assembly, a few weeks ago.  They were asked to do something to earn money to contribute.   They were also asked to bring specific items to make hygiene kids and cards to be sent to Haiti.

I paid Noah to do my laundry for a week and Lily did extra dish chores for her money.

*note to self: pay Noah to do my laundry every week!

I helped set up this morning and left promptly when the media arrived because I was not TV presentable.
The kids, at the school, stayed in from their recesses today to assemble the hygiene kids and make "love notes".

The kids said they had fun.

It is a good feeling to serve.  I am glad my kids are learning young.

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