Friday, February 5, 2010

The Gathering of Friends

These gorgeous and delicious cookbooks were self published by one of my dearest friends on the planet, Michelle Huxtable.
Michelle and everything about her is amazing and inspiring.

So are the cook books.

I have had the honor, not only of being her friend, but of working with her in the kitchen as well.
Most of them service hours but worth every minute of "girl time" I can get with Michelle and her wonderful family.
I love her girls, her son and husband Kenny. I love her grandchildren, especially when she has entrusted me to care for them.

She is a fabulous example of womanhood and motherhood. She teaches by love and patience.

I have been honored to be invited to many special gatherings with and for her.

She is a loyal friend and confidant. And oh is she generous.  Several years ago, I went through a very hard surgery and lengthy recovery.  When I returned home from the hospital, she had arranged my very own living room makeover.  New furniture, art, everything down to the smallest of details. (Did I mention that she is a skilled and very talented decorator as well)? She arranged to have my friends clean my house, bring meals and take care of me and my family.

I have learned so much from Michelle.  She is faithful and has a beautiful testimony for the same gospel that I believe to be true. 

Michelle and I share a love of pajamas.  She is my favorite person to give them to.  Her birthday is coming up, maybe some jammies are in order.

We have been through a lot together.  And I hope to be along side her her through many more adventures, gatherings and kitchen "girl time".

If I had to describe Michelle in one word, it would be, "LOVELY".
I adore this women and love her more than she will ever know.
I am honored to be counted amoung her friends.

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