Thursday, February 4, 2010

Healthcare Reform for the Ostergars

Today was a sad day for me. 

After a two year debate, a decision was made.  One that I didn't want to make.

The medical insurance we have does not cover any of the doctors we have grown to know and love and trust over the years. (except for our beloved psychiatrist-and I would do almost anything to pay for his bills if I had to).

My medical records have been at Bryner Clinic for almost 44 years.  I worked for IHC for over 20 years.

Because of my overwhelming reluctance to change doctors and hospitals we have paid out of pocket for the last two years.  It has become a financial burden.

I guess it's either Dr. Parkin or piano lessons for Lily and Noah. And either Dr. Witt or golf and tennis lessons this summer.  No more IHC for this family if we still want our kids to go to EFY, enjoy lessons and camps, eat, drive and go to the movies once in a while.

How can I start over? I feel like I am losing my best friends.  Seriously, I am that attached.

One thing is for sure-if my back goes out Judd is my man.  I don't care if he works for IHC or not.  No one else is operating on my back but Dr. Clawson.

Pray for my back to hold out or for Dave's employer to change insurance carriers.  Pray for both actually!

Goodbye for now IHC and my beloved doctors and friends.

I am going to cry now.

If anyone knows some excellent internists or pediatricians let me know

Kinda ironic that I worked in health care for over 20 years and I can't make the choices I want with the knowledge I obtained.

At least we don't have socialized medicine. Pray that we don't, even harder than you would for my back.


Melanie J said...

I'm so glad we're healthy and even though we're in an HMO, I've asked around to figure out who to be assigned to and I like all my doctors. An HMO would never have worked for my dad, for example, but it suits our family fine and I'm glad for that blessing. I hope you're able to get this all straightened out eventually. I know my dad would have hated giving up his doctors so I can imagine your sadness.

nano*ink said...

Oh Kelly, that sounds really hard.
Maybe with this door closed...a window will be opened. xoxo

Allen III said...

Think of it as an opportunity to expand your network of good doctors. You're not losing friends... you are getting the opportunity to make more. The old ones are still there and can be called on if necessary. The new ones may have thoughts and ideas that haven't been considered yet.