Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Remember When You Knew All the Answers

Did you ever have a day when you were lounging around in your jammies and eating whatever and watching stupid t.v. shows, thinking  you had no cares in the world. You felt just like you did when you were a teenager?
 Home alone enjoying your own music on your boom box, oh I mean ipod. Dancing and singing, being silly? And then you hear this tiny little voice inside your head and that screams, "holy macaroly, I have to go pick up MY teenagers?"

It has happened to you huh?!

Then you start to remember that your back hurts and you have bills to pay and, "what the heck am I going to whip up for these creatures to eat tonight."

You remember that you had your teenager download all your 80's greatest hits, to your itunes account, cause you couldn't find a cassette player. You know what I am talking about you Thompson Twins, Billy Idol, UB40, Madness,"I Wear My Sunglasses at Night", fans. You remember you went to the final Wham concert like a gazillion years ago when you were on semester abroad in London.

Oh I miss the days when I knew everything.
When I would glower at the parentals because they so didn't understand anything.

Now I don't know much of anything. "You wouldn't understand," they say.  Now I can't even do my kids math problems.  I embarrass my kids when I talk about politics in the carpool or try to be funny.

I think I will watch Pretty in Pink today and have the teens make dinner tonight. Maybe I can even get them to go grocery shopping for me.

Here are a few pictures of my teen-aged relatives.  Most of them will still hug me-at least as long as no one is watching.  I think they are pretty cool.  All are hugely talented, funny and amazingly beautiful/handsome.

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nano*ink said...

that Christmas one with the kids in green is really nice. I like them all though.