Monday, February 1, 2010

Thanks to Al

I will forever be grateful to my brother-in-law Allen.

He introduced me to the Ostergar Clan. (maybe I will be brave enough to post the whole story behind it someday.)
He is always cheering me on.
He is a good man to have in your corner.
He is a good leader, father, brother and friend.

I am glad I married his brother.

Most importantly, he taught me that Piranhas live in the Amazon river. I mean who knew? Stupid me that's who.


Melanie J said...

Am I cool because I know the story?

Allen III said...

I was feeling good about myself until I saw the reference to piranhas. I knew I shouldn't have mentioned "abstracts" in commenting on your last post. I believe I am doomed to relive that less-than-stellar moment from my life for many years to come.

Kelly O. said...
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Kelly O. said...

Mel, you would be cool even if you didn't know the story! Maybe I should have you write it for me someday. Erica and Martha cringe at my writing skills. But, I am not trying to get published, just documenting.
Al, Sorry to bring it up, but you started it this time! Still love you though and think you are great.