Thursday, March 25, 2010

Koins for Kenya

Today is dedicated to our good friend Dallin Frampton.
He left today to build a school in Africa all by himself.
He earned all the money for the trip and the school, mostly by doing his own concerts and donations.
He puts on a good show.
Our family contributed a very small amount to the project.

He is an amazing guitarist and musician.
He is a fabulous brother and son and friend.
He is an amazing person!

See the local news story here:

We have been friends with the Frampton's for several years now.
Jason, Dallin's dad, helped Dave get his job at Ken Garff.
James, Noah, Lily and I have all helped with Austin many times.

Shelley, Dallin's mom, is the most wonderful listener and gives really good advice.
She is a great example of motherhood.  She could anything.
She is a really good friend to me.

We will be praying for Dallin and his family over the next few months, while Dallin is away.
Cant wait until we can hear him play live music again, and all about his grand adventure to Africa.

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Wendy said...

That is really neat that he is doing this and earned all the money himself. What a kid!