Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break Day #1, 2010

This is where I spent Spring Break 2007.  Went with my friend, Martsie to celebrate our birthdays.

This is were I spent Spring Break 2008.  Took James on his first Virginia/DC trip.

Cherry Blossoms in 2009.

This is Spring Break 2009, I took Noah on his first trip to the East.

This is the first day of Spring Break 2010.
Notice those aren't blossoms on my tree, it is SNOW.
It is coming down at a steady pace outside my front door right now.
This doesn't look like the Spring Break I am used to.

The only thing that is familiar is the cold and I am looking to get my distance from it.
This year, we will be finding warmth in the movies theaters, and bowling lanes of Utah.

But don't think I am missing out on the Cherry Blossoms.
I leave next week and hope to catch a glimpse before they are gone.

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Allen III said...

Snow!!! lucky....