Thursday, April 22, 2010

And Then There Were Three


Krissy, Melissa, Kelly, 1974,1975

Meet Melissa, or Melly, as we affectionately call her.
Melissa is every one's favorite!
And she makes everyone feel like you are her favorite.

Melissa is HAPPY and SAFE and FUN, fun fun fun fun (like Tigger).

Her positive nature makes people want to be around her.  People confide in her and trust her.  She is intuitive and listens to the spirit.  She lets herself be guided.  And she lives her life in such a way that she can be in tune and listen to the promptings that come to her.  Melissa's soul is pure, she is without guile.  Her spirit is appropriately offended when it should be by things that are not of a sacred nature.

Melissa knows what she wants and is DETERMINED.  Determined in a good way.  She is determined to do what is right.  She is STRONG, both physically and mentally.  She always puts forth her best effort.  She doesn't do things half hearted.  She always finishes what she starts.

People are drawn to Melissa.  She is STABLE and SECURE. 

The best times I have shared with Melissa have been in her home and with her children.  She is my safe place.  She has healed me many times.  She is good at that. 

This is what kind of mom she is:

Playtime Spring 2010

Timp Cave Summer, 2009

Summer 2009

The role of Motherhood comes naturally for Melissa.  She is a nurturing person to all, not just her own children.  But her own children do come first.  She has chosen to be a mother and has fullfilled that calling to it's fullest.  Her children, her family, are her heart and soul.  It is what she lives for.  She was asked, to speak in church, for Mather's Day, this year.  Good decision by the person that thought of and asked her to do so.  She exemplifies MOTHERHOOD.

Melissa takes care of herself, so that she can take care of others.  She eats very well, but simply.  She exercises.  She plays.  She sleeps.  She doesn't bother her mind with things that are of no importance to her purpose in life.  She continues to learn and grow.  She reads.  She prays and she studies.  She thinks.

Melissa is good with her money.  She spends appropriately.  She saves better than most.  She makes wise decisions.  She makes good choices.  She is practical not spontaneous with her money. 

Here's one of the things about Melissa I love:

Her husband STEVE.
They are so good for each other.

Melissa and I picked the same day to get married.  Different year, same day.  I spent my 1 year wedding anniversary at Melissa's wedding. 

I love you Melly with all of my heart.  You know that. 

Everyone should have a MELISSA!

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