Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"I Don't Want the Krissy!"

One of my sisters, lived in England for a few years.  When she left for England, her daughter was not very old.  Therefore, when we had the chance to visit, she didn't recognize any of us and was very tentative.  When Krissy went to visit, my niece, said to her mom, "I don't want the Krissy", because she didn't know her.  With Krissy's persuasive nature, she won my niece over with chocolate.  And to this  day she can win almost anyone over with chocolate.  It can be found hidden all over her house.

Kelly and Krissy 1971, 1972

I use that story because, I had a similar reaction when Krissy came into my life.  My mom said that I was always a happy, easy child until Krissy came along.  My world was then rocked with the shock that I was no longer an only child and would need to share MY attention with, "the Krissy."

It was a rocky, delicate relationship for a long long time.  Sure I loved her, she was my sister.  But there were many times that I didn't like her very much.  We fought a lot.  I was mean to her.  Sometimes so much so that I wish I could have a do over.  But since that's not the way things work around here, I had to work long and hard to build a loving, kind relationship with my sister.  Now I can  look back and realize, "we were in this together from the beginning", and I wanted to love her for her own unique abilities instead of comparing and judging.  I am so sorry Krissy, for being mean to you.

That being said, Krissy is one of my very closest friends and allies these days.  She won me over, and it wasn't with chocolate.  It was with her generous nature and long suffering with me that brought us together.  I finally realized that we had shared the same life experiences, the bad, but also the very good.  Our core values were the same because, in part, of the way  we were raised as sisters.  We went on the same vacations, played the same childhood games, shared the same neighbors and friends and teachers.  (The best childhood game, by the way, was cowboys and princesses.)  We also grew up gaining a testimony of the same gospel together.  We prayed together, worshiped together, studied scriptures together.  We also grew up in a home, where we learned to work together.  We shared chores, pulled weeds and learned to cook with each other.  Our family was rich with tradition.  These are all the things that we value in our lives today.

I love Krissy because she is FUN and FUNNY and a little mischievous.
She is the fun aunt.  She is the one that will take all the kids to a movie or plan cousins sleepover and make scones for breakfast.  She has energy and spirit.  She can run and climb and scream and cheer.

Krissy and I now live in close proximity.  It is nice to be settled together.  Our children are best friends.
In earlier years, I went to London, she went to New York, I moved to Provo, she moved to Germany.  She went to Boston and I went to West Jordan. She moved to Washington and I ended up in Holladay.  Then so did she!

Krissy is the ever giving, generous sibling.  She gives her time, her laughter, her cooking, her home with everyone.  She is good at gathering us together and entertaining and feeding our bellies and our souls.  Her home is filled with love.  Her children are always the first to give me hugs.  And they are not just normal hugs, they are the running and jumping in the air kind of hugs.

Krissy is a wonderful mother, friend, wife and sister.

Krissy did eventually leave me for another Kelly, one that could take of her for me.

same Krissy different KellyO. (whom I adore by the way)
Don't know if I used whom in right context, but that is why I love Kellyboy (long story), he would forgive me.

And just so everyone else knows, everyone always wants "the Krissy" now.

I adore Krissy's children and husband.  I love and cherish Krissy and the sisterhood which made us friends.

One favorite memory stands out in my mind today when I think of Krissy.  It was a beautiful sunday afternoon.  I was visiting her in Boston.  We took a little day trip, by ourselves, to Walden Pond and to Concord to see Louisa May Alcott's home and we went to this very charming cemetery.  We picked tiny pine cones and stashed them in our pockets.  Krissy opened up her soul to me on that day and I believe I saw her in a  way Heavenly Father sees all of his children.   It was at this moment I knew that our souls were connected throughout all eternity.

And thanks for always having chocolate.


Rachel said...

What a cute tribute to your sister! Makes me wish I was a sister too! You guys have an amazing family. So glad you're close.

nano*ink said...

That was lovely, Kelly! Sisters are great. Mine is getting older...more challenges.